Falling Water Falls Class I Natural Recreational State Natural Area: Mabbit Springs Trail

Mabbit Springs Trail

The Specifics

Trail Name: Mabbit Springs Trail
Location: Walden, TN in the Falling Water Falls State Natural Area – 35.168600, -85.303370
Distance: 4.5 – 5ish miles depending on route
Elevation Gain: Around 500
Route Type: Out & Back/Partial Loop
Features: 3 waterfalls, including Falling Water Falls, several smaller water falls, creek crossings, vista at the Falling Water Falls, wildflowers, creek, forest
Trail Traffic: Low – We hiked on a Sunday after a rain, saw 3 other people
Difficulty: Easy. Overall flat trail. The creek crossings added some fun.
Notes: The trail was not well marked and backs up to private property in several places where people have added side trails. I would definitely recommend using a GPS or downloading the AllTrails map for this hike so you stay on the right route. You can learn more about Falling Water Falls Natural Area here.
What we loved: All of the waterfalls and water features, low traffic, and the view near falling water falls
Recommend: Yes

The Routes

The first option is the AllTrails route for this hike, I added the small loop at the end, which I recommend. The loop added a 3rd waterfall and had a few more view points along the ridge. It only added about .5 to the mileage, making it a little over 5 miles total. You can see my AllTrails recording here.

The Waterfalls

Beautiful no name (at least not one that I could find) Waterfall #1 near the Mabbit Springs trailhead
Beautiful no name (that I know of) waterfall #2 near Falling Water Falls
Falling Water Falls 110ft
On top of Falling Water Falls
Another view of the falls, with a wooly worm πŸ›
A baby waterfall

The Views

Cute Dog Pics

Omg omg we hiking zoomies
Omg omg I love waterfalls zoomies – this is on top of no name waterfall #2
Creek crossing/Rock jumping professional


New ferns popping up

The Terrain

Trail along the creek
Creek crossing
Olive about to show me how it’s done at another rockier creek crossing

More cute dog pictures on Instagram πŸ™‚

Have you hiked this trail with your dog? Tag us on Instagram or email us your pictures with us! We’d love to feature your dog’s photos in the cute dog section.

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